• What the heck is an Onsen?

    Onsen refers to the thousands of natural hot springs found across Japan. Highly popular for their health benefits, Onsen are also prized for their ability to bring comfort and relaxation in areas where modern conveniences may not be available.

    To put it simply, Onsen are nature’s version of a jaccuzzi: outdoor baths, filled with piping hot water. It was this association with outdoor comfort and relaxation that inspired us to name our brand Onsen.

    Because our products, by providing instant hot water anywhere, do exactly that: bring comfort to outdoor and off-the-grid locations, such as campsites, hunting cabins, trekking adventures, RVs, boats and more.

    Woman Showering with Onsen Tankless Water Heater
  • In designing our products, we relied upon our 10 years of experience selling thousands of portable tankless water heaters to customers across Canada and beyond and by listening to our customers’ invaluable feedback and with a clear vision to address their needs, we built our brand with unique features only available with our products, such as a 3v/12v dual ignition, a premium and durable shower head, a generous 2-year warranty and no-nonsense technical support in both English and French.

    As a Canadian company, we know the difference instant hot water can make when spending time in the outdoors and as many of our customers have told us over the years, once you go with instant hot water anywhere, you never go back!

    For this reason, we were inspired to create our Onsen products to bring the comfort and relaxation of instant hot water anywhere.

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